Qui est moussa kaka

moussa kakaBorn and raised in Niger, Moussa Kaka began his journalism career at Le Republicain, won international recognition as a French radio correspondent, and has worked as the director of the Saraounia radio station. In 2007, after reporting from the front line of the Niger Justice Movement (MNJ) rebellion against the government, he was arrested and imprisoned for more than year after being accused of « plotting against the State, » following an interview with the leader of a rebel group. International outcry and support from press freedom groups have kept the spotlight on his case. He talks to the World Association of Newspapers.

In 1993, Moussa became Niger correspondent for France’s Radio France International. At that time he was a print journalist for the Niamey based independent newspaper Le Républicain-Niger. In 2002, Kaka was named news director Saraounia FM, a radio station in the Regional capitol of Maradi, where he had been employed since 2000. Niger has a strong radio press, as high illiteracy rates and low television broadcast coverage make it the dominant news medium for much of the nation. Despite instances of arrest and detention of journalists, West African observers generally judge Nigerien press to be independent and lively in attacking the government.

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